We own a new puppy. His name is Happy!

My wife Amy had taken care of neighbor’s old dog Xanie for two years. Xanie died last October, 2023. Amy was very sad for a while. She decided to raise a puppy by herself. So we started to search dog from AKC (American Kennel Club) and found a Maltese puppy from a PA breeder. We called him but no response so we drove for 10 hours in the cold weather to Honey Brook, PA., where is located in 60 miles southwest to Philadelphia. Finally we reached out to him and were surprised to meet his wife Ann in an Amish farm. Surrounding around all kinds of animal such as cow, sheep, horse, duck, chicken, etc., Ann brought two puppies: one is 6 months old while another one is only 4 weeks. Happy is the older Maltese. He is a male and was born on 6/26/2023., but he seems a little thin. Amy picked him up right away and hold him very gently. We drove Happy home on Thanksgiving day, 2023. Happy apparently never saw outside world except the farm. He got carsick and vomited a few times in the way home. Later, we find out he also barks to dog, car, and people. He was used to horse ride and lives in a very simple life at Amish farm .

Happy weighed 5.7 lbs when we got him. In 2 months, Happy gains 2 lb. He can grow up to 10-13 lbs. He likes to eat meats, especially chicken. He is overbite so may have hard time to chew big piece of food. He loves potato or sweet potato, even apple and carrot, but must mix it with meat. We feed him three meals a day because Amy thinks Happy is still a puppy and ready to grow up. Between the meals, we give him treat after he pees or poohs. However, his appetite is excellent! We also bought a health insurance for him.

He is very smart. The potty train lasts only a couple of weeks. He learns it very quick. We try to take him out right after he eats the meal. Usually he would pooh very soon. Because he is still a puppy, so we try to bring him out more times. Occasionally, he would have incidents in the house, but not very often. One time he had diarrhea and lost control.

We set routine for him so he sleeps well through the night. He also sleeps whenever he is tired after a long walk. He would wake me up in the early morning because he wants to pee. He can be very scared about the darkness so he doesn’t stay too long outside when it is dark. He also bark less to stranger or other dog now. I think because he tries to scare them first.

He likes to go out to experience the nature and environment. He is very strong and has lots of energy. I notice he has very sensitive ears and nose. Basically he relies on smelling and peeing on either the bushes or solid objects to make mark for returning home.

He likes us and we love him very much. His personality is very straight and would bite us if he is hungry or wants to go out to pee or pooh. He even can’t leave alone too long and will become very anxious and unhappy. He likes to stay with Amy all the times. Amy would held him for a long time when she is on the computer. He would be either sleeping or resting. I play with him a lot by throwing the toys for him to get it. He would run very fast to prey the toy and bring it to his bed. I can do it over and over again until he is tired. 

He is cute and lovely. We are very happy to have him as a member in our family. Happy brings the happiness to us. 


He just arrived home on Thanksgiving
First picture
Jumping Happy
Nice jump of Happy
Christmas 2023
Taken at a mall in Durham, NC

Christmas 2023