We own a new puppy. His name is Happy!

My wife Amy had taken care of neighbor’s old dog Xanie for two years. Xanie died last October, 2023. Amy was very sad for a while. She decided to raise a puppy by herself. So we started to search dog from AKC (American Kennel Club) and found a Maltese puppy from a PA breeder. We called him but no response so we drove for 10 hours in the cold weather to Honey Brook, PA., where is located in 60 miles southwest to Philadelphia. Finally we reached out to him and were surprised to meet his wife Annie in an Amish farm. Surrounding around all kinds of animal such as cows, sheep, horses, ducks, chickens, etc., Annie brought two puppies: one is 6 months old while another one is only 4 weeks. Happy is the older Maltese. He is a male and was born on 6/26/2023., but he seems a little thin. Amy picked him up right away and hold him very gently. We drove Happy home on Thanksgiving day, 2023. Happy apparently never saw outside world except the farm. He got carsick and vomited a few times. Later, we find out he also barks to dog, car, and people. He is used to horse ride and a very simple life in Amish family.

in 2 months, Happy gains 2 lb. 10-13 lbs


potty train

sleeping habit


lots of time, energy, carsick, bark, sensitive ears and noses

Fun, cute, smart, like people



He just arrived home on Thanksgiving
First picture
Jumping Happy
Nice jump of Happy
Christmas 2023
Taken at a mall in Durham, NC

Christmas 2023