Traveling is personal happiness

and lifetime wonderful experience


Beautiful sceneries in US and around the world

Life to enjoy the beauty of nature is just a pleasant and wonderful experience. I consider myself is a naturalist. Therefore, we must continue to protect our Earth and make it a nice place to live for us and for future generation. So I will explore the wonder of our Earth to you and you can learn/enjoy from my experience. Happily, you are encouraged to do it by yourself.


I’ve always had a love for awesome photography and beautiful sceneries. I have been traveling a lot places in US, Taiwan and China. Now I want to share traveling experience in more places such as Maryland, North Carolina and other states in US. Including the history, culture, foods in those places, you will have clear impression about the beauty of the countries and around the world.

Biography of Owner in Mandarin:

黃其正(Chester Robert Hwang) 生平簡介:





-1986年結婚,育有兒子Kenny Hwang, 女兒 Emily Hwang。

-1986-1989 在Washington University at St. Louis博士後研究。

-1990年在美國Rohm & Haas Co.(now Dow Chemical) 任高級研究員,專門用核磁共振儀(Nuclei Magnetic Resonance)和 紅外缐光譜儀(Infrared Resonance)作塑膠材料的分析,產品研究,塑膠強化的基礎原理研究。

-1995至2017年 創立 Horizon Specialty Inc., 曾經作中草药進口,药廠實驗室儀器開發和銷售。


-2005年任職美國馬利蘭州Winston Churchill High School 化學老師。


-2017年 從高中退休;關掉公司。

-2020年 從馬利蘭州 Silver Spring遷至北卡羅來州 Cary.

In English:

Chester Robert Hwang

I was born on 1/4/1955 in Taipei, Taiwan. Parents were blue-collar workers. There are two sisters and one brother in the family.

-Graduated on 1978 in Chemistry Department at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan.

-Sales person for dyestuffs in 1979 at FuMow Trading Co. Taipei, Taiwan.

-1979-1980 Research assistant to Professor Liu, Chaw Xuan in Chemistry Department at Chin Hua University, Taiwan.

-Left Taiwan for study in USA at 7/4/1980.

-Obtained Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry of Polymer on 1986 from Clark University, Worcester, MA, US.

-Married in 1986. Raised a son Kenny Hwang and daughter Emily Hwang。

-Worked as a Postdoctoral research fellow in biological research using NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, US。

-Obtained first job as a senior scientist at Rohm & Haas Co.(now Dow Chemical) using Nuclei Magnetic Resonance and Infrared Resonance spectroscopies for analysis of plastic materials, product development, and basic research on polymer blends.

-Established Horizon Specialty Inc. in 1995 for nutritional supplement materials trading business and pharmaceutical lab equipments sale in automation. 

-Divorced in 2005.

-Taught high school Chemistry in 2005 at Winston Churchill High School, Potomac, MD, US. The most wonderful working experience in life by teaching young teenagers, who just love chemistry demo and are full of energy and curiosity.

-Remarried in 2016。

-In 2017, retired from high school teaching job and closed the company. 

-In 2020, moved to Cary, North Carolina from Maryland. Enjoy life in traveling, playing tennis, swimming, camping, hiking, kayaking, reading, writing, and friendship, etc.


Life is wonderful and fulfilled:

(A) when you go through it, when you are wise enough to know humanity and human history,

(B) when you understand how human beings were coming from (same as living or non-living things were produced or created),

(C) and how Universes were formed (by many physics and chemistry changes with extreme high nuclear energies).


         Light house at Cambridge, MD, US.

                                        Cambridge is a small beautiful seaport

A light house at Cambridge, MD, US